“A hybrid model that combines the best of remote and office work”​

Tuesday, September 20 2022 : 12:09


On the occasion of the European Sustainable Development Week, Inteliam has decided to highlight inspiring actions and developments of customers and partners. Today, let’s meet Markku Nikkinen, Managing Director HL Group Oy, for a focus on their flexible working conditions initiative. 

What has been the starting point of this approach? 

Mark Nikkinen : Because of Covid-19, we had to implement remote work for almost all people in the company : a brand new situation for us that happened almost overnight ! Even if it wasn’t our choice at the very beginning, we soon noticed that it worked efficiently. More than that, it brought many benefits : less driving, more flexibility for working hours, etc. The only negative aspect : the lack of « face to face » communication. So as soon as it was possible because of Covid, we decided to move to a hybrid model that combines the best of remote and office work.

How did you implement it ?

M.N : First crucial step : creating the framework of such a new model through a dedicated policy. To do that, we asked volunteers from employees to work on it and to make a proposal for management to approve. A proposal that was accepted with only minor adjustments : a very smooth implementation !  This policy clarifies for everyone in the company the rules of the game of this new hybrid model. Fixed office days (Monday & Tuesday) and operational principles. For example : in Teams meetings camera has to be on, working from abroad needs to be approved beforehand, etc.

What are the results and feedbacks of this new model ? 

 M.N : Results and feedbacks from employees and management are positive. Our first follow-up questionary reveals that 93% of the respondents consider well-being at work as same or better than before. For sure, we have some adjustments to do to improve this new policy but we do not plan to return to a « only office work » model. 

Other actions in the future ?

 M.N : Sure ! We plan to renew our company leasing car policy. The objective ? Focusing more on hybrid and electric cars to bring fuel savings for company, reduce CO2, emissions, saving costs for users (government support), etc.