“Continuous improvement and forward looking are key”

Monday, September 26 2022 : 11:09


6 months ago, Eoltas, a Lithuanian car parts trading company operating since 1993, collaborated with Inteliam to carry out its business and sustainability evaluation. The rating both indicated where the company stood, but also identified the path for improvements to strengthen its regional leadership position, and the trust of global manufacturers. On the occasion of Automechanika Frankfurt, we had the pleasure to talk with Marijus Montvilas, Managing Director of Eoltas UAB, who not only shared his vision of our assessment but also of the future.

What are your feedbacks about the Inteliam rating ?

Marijus Montvilas : To be totally honest, Inteliam rating came as a big surprise to me : the scorecard has given a very nice picture and a complete overview of our company. Moreover, Inteliam team was really supportive. They put a lot of effort analyzing the data, as well as gathering the additional information about our company. I think I provided 50% of information and they have found additional 30% of information.

The result is a high quality scorecard delivered by an external expert. That is key ! I shared this with my shareholders, talking about the need to improve productivity, ensure the company’s operation sustainability, what areas should be improved and what specific actions should be taken.

Talking about actions, what about the future now ?

M.M : Many ideas highlighted by Inteliam were already in our company’s development plan, some of them were added after assessment. This is very important because I believe that continuous improvement and forward looking are key for us to be one step ahead and to maintain our position in this very competitive and dynamic market.

Inteliam recently launched a brand new offer : the Carbon module. Do you plan to use it ?

M.M : Inteliam shared with me their carbon calculation module. This kind of tool is quite new for me but I surely will try. It is very easy to use, simpler than the rating with only a few numbers. It’s a real opportunity to have a starting point on carbon emissions. And of course, the next set will be : what actions should I take ?