“Inteliam should become the ratings standard for the entire Aftermarket”

Friday, September 9 2022 : 12:09

Why did you decide to join forces with Inteliam, a young company providing Rating Services for the Automotive Aftermarket ?

Alex Ashmore : The timing is perfect for the Aftermarket to embrace a Rating standard to help companies on the journey of sustainability and continuous improvement. Consumers are demanding that the world becomes more sustainable, and this translates to how they choose to buy products and services and from whom. The consumer demand has been accelerated in the post pandemic world and is reinforced by legislation and policies being adopted by governments and investors. This is leading to rising scrutiny of how companies address ESG, meaning also that a more robust approach, with independent assessment, is more critical than ever.

How do you think Inteliam can help the Independent Automotive Aftermarket (IAM) sector address current and future challenges ?

A.A : Inteliam is the most cost effective way that an aftermarket company can boost sustainability and business performance !

Inteliam can bring an independent and transparent view of where a company is regarding sustainability and more generally with business operations, and help with specific prompts, so that the company can adopt self help improvement measures.

The aftermarket supply chain is long, as well as manufacturing, we have several levels of warehousing and logistics through to 2+ levels of distribution before installation on a vehicle. Then we have the very sectoral challenges of returns and reverse logistics for remanufacturing. This represents great opportunities for efficiency and sustainability improvement.

What are your ambitions for Inteliam ?

A.A : Inteliam should become the ratings standard for the entire aftermarket, helping individual companies and the entire Aftermarket value chain become more efficient and sustainable.

About Inteliam : Inteliam is the Business & Sustainability Rating solution dedicated to the Automotive Aftermarket Sector. Launched in 2021, headquartered in Paris, La Défense, Inteliam operates across 4 Continents and is being supported by leading global players in the industry.