Inteliam Solution

Inteliam is the only Sustainability and Business rating solution for the Automotive Aftermarket and mobility services.

Inteliam’s recommendations are based on a
rigorous & recognized scoring methodology,
coupled with a deep industry knowledge.

Create an objective image of your sustainability & business practices, measure your operational performance

Identify your strengths & prioritize opportunities to drive improvement

Enable businesses to benchmark their sustainability process and performance with other companies in the Automotive Aftermarket and mobility services

Unite Suppliers and Distributors around a common reference platform


Inteliam assessment questionnaire is built around 4 evaluation themes:


Corporate Processes

Business Expertise

Financial Metrics

Platform & Scorecards

Inteliam provides customers with comprehensive vision of sustainability, corporate processes, business expertise and financial metrics.

Our platform is collaborative, intuitive and easy to use. We took special care of the user experience so that Inteliam customers can complete our in-depth questionnaire in less than half a day.


Strengths and improvement areas

Both internal and external sources

Financial metrics and analysis up to credit limit calculation

Dashboard and directory functionalities, to help suppliers and distributors benchmark and collaborate


Data security and confidentiality are our priorities for Inteliam.

We use state of the art technology, supported by the most demanding security practices:

SaaS secured platform

SaaS secured platform

Latest proven techno

Latest proven techno

Scalable technology

Scalable technology

GHG emissions Dashboard

Reducing carbon emissions is a business imperative.

Carbon emissions measurement is today a necessary indication for responsible business and tomorrow will be a legal obligation.

Inteliam offers a dynamic carbon footprint calculator adapted to the activity of spare parts distributors.

Our comprehensive calculator covers emission Scopes 1, 2 and selected elements of Scope 3 (as defined by the GHG Protocol), and outlines how distributors can become carbon neutral:

Scope 1

Emissions are direct emissions released into the atmosphere as a result of the company’s operations.

Scope 2

Emissions are indirect emissions from the generation of purchased energy: electricity, heat, cooling…

Scope 3

Emissions are indirect emissions generated throughout the entire value chain of the company.

Our Carbon emissions dashboard covers part of the Scope 3 emissions.

Our Carbon emissions dashboard combined with industry best practices allows an efficient and sustainable reduction of the company's carbon footprint.

Measure your carbon footprint throughout your entire value chain