Inteliam, the first rating
solution dedicated to
the automotive aftermarket
and mobility-related industry.

About Inteliam

Inteliam is a rating solution dedicated to the automotive aftermarket that helps measure, manage, and improve company performance based on a common frame, promoting best practices and sustainable goals.

About Us
Our Solution

Our Solution

We help distributors and suppliers to collaborate and connect on our digital platform.

With Inteliam, distributors measure their sustainability commitments, corporate processes, business expertise and financial strength.

Working with us


Simplicity, fast exchange of sustainability and performance information between industry players through a unique platform


Recognition, standardized method co-developed with top manufacturers in the mobility industry.


Reliability, accurate and evidence-based data, for a scoring process in line with international standards.


Collaboration, scorecards can be shared directly on the platform with stakeholders.


Transparency, benefiting your business and the entire industry.


Visibility, demonstrate your performance and sustainability commitment and differentiate your business.

Join us as a Distributor

Join us as a Distributor

Commit to continuous improvement process

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Join us as a Supplier

Commit to a sustainability approach with your distributor partners

Success Stories

See how Inteliam helps companies transform their businesses and meet their sustainability and performance goals.

Nenad Blagojevic,

International trade coordinator of Sanel:

The questionnaire and rating have helped me to identify new initiatives, and also formalise existing internal procedures. It will definitely guide and support my discussion with the company's Management to plan our future development. I believe that the Inteliam platform will become more and more important in upcoming years and we are glad to be the first in our country who decided to undertake the Inteliam Business & Sustainability rating.

Markku Nikkinen,

CEO of HL Group

The Inteliam findings are accurate and insightful. Their focus on sustainability does help us plan and accelerate on this important topic. We will definitely do the evaluation again next year, with the goal to reach 100!

Celeste Merlini

Manager and 3rd generation of Auto Nautica SUR

By cooperating with Inteliam, I discovered many learnings and improvement areas that we will seek to formalize and implement in our Organisation. The Inteliam Rating and scorecard are really helpful, and we are very pleased with this work. Added Value for us all !

Sammy Konfidan

CEO of Aaron Montecchio

Inteliam is a useful service for companies who are mature, and have the capacity to really look forward, progress and become better companies in all aspects - it highlights areas within the company that need improving and positions your company in a measurable, standardized scale. In relation to Sustainability, it shows the way, especially in fast-growing markets where regulation stays behind the developed markets standards. The Inteliam rating service can help us become better companies

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