“The overall experience was enlightening”

Thursday, November 9 2023 : 10:11

Few weeks ago, Centro Movil, a Bolivian auto parts leader founded in 1985, collaborated with Inteliam to carry out its Business and Sustainability rating. José Medrano Gonzalez, CEO of the company, accepted to share his vision of our solution and of our partnership.


How would you describe the Inteliam solution?


Inteliam solution proposes a comprehensive evaluation of our company, focusing on different aspects of our current standing : sustainability, business, corporate processes and financial metrics. The assessment clearly highlights opportunities of improvement and identifies blind spots that can be addressed for future growth.

What was really appreciated was the easiness of the process. It was really straightforward. I managed it myself, given my role but also my understanding of the various areas of the assessment. Of course, it was a bit time-consuming, but not  difficult and it’s worth it.


What feedback can you provide on the results of this approach?


The evaluation allowed us to identify blind spots and areas that require improvement. It’s a valuable exercise that provided actionable insights to enhance the company’s performance.

For instance, some areas that stood out included the need to enhance our KPIs and metrics. And the evaluation also highlighted the importance of strategic planning, both short-term and medium-term. Key takeaways that we definitely need to integrate in our future strategic developments.


So what are the next steps ?


We’re currently rewriting our mission, vision, and values. A crucial exercise that will put us on the right track for the future. Once that’s done, we’ll define our strategic objectives to align with our vision. The next phase involves setting KPIs and detailed action plans. We’re also considering the specific recommendations from Inteliam as part of our strategic objectives for the upcoming year.


How would you describe your partnership with Inteliam?


The entire process with Inteliam was smooth : during the all process but also after, through the feedback meeting. Definitely, the overall experience was enlightening!