“An efficient way to know deeper our own company”

Tuesday, February 7 2023 : 09:02

Few weeks ago, Jupojos Technika undertook our Business and Sustainability rating. Raimundas Vaisvilas, CEO of the company, accepted to share his vision of our solution and our partnership.



Why did you decide to undertake the Inteliam Business and Sustainability evaluation?  


Few months ago, I met Antoine Soulier, CEO of Inteliam, who explained me more about the Inteliam rating. I rapidly understood the relevance of such a solution: an efficient way to know deeper our own company but more than that, the opportunity to compare it to other companies.


Moreover, the assessment perfectly answered to our motivation to become more sustainable: it was the good starting point to really go further.

How would you define the Inteliam solution? What does it consist of?

It consists of a very concrete solution that helps you check your company on 4 crucial pillars: sustainability, corporate processes, business expertise and financial metrics. It’s a very good tool to go deeper into your business and of course, to compare to others. That is key!

So how did you implement it? How does the solution work concretely?

It all started with a company meeting with the active participation of Inteliam to put the right frame to the whole process. We defined exactly who was responsible for which part of the evaluation – in a nutshell, who must answer to what. It was crucial to start things that way to be sure to gather all the available data but also to take everything into account. 

Everybody did their part of the job; we checked all the answers and added some additional elements or evidence when it was necessary. And that’s all for us!

How many people were part of the process in your teams?

Five people exactly: a support manager, a HR manager, a development and innovation manager, a financial manager and myself. And we also had to include two more people from marketing and from accounting department to get some specific knowledges. In my opinion, it was key to have various people getting involved so that we can be precise but also to reduce the time spent on the entire process.

And what about the results?

It’s a very good question. It’s always the matter when you get something: how do you use it?

First of all, it was clear that we have to present this scorecard to all our people. So we organized an internal meeting to share the results – we got quite a good score – and to explain every point.

Then, I will focus on three major elements. Sustainability first: I would say that it clearly pushed us with precise actions to improve ourselves.  For example, this month we are signing for solar panels on our roof and we are also putting some charging stations for electromobiles.

Same feedback for corporate processes. It pushed us! The evaluation emphasized that our company needed to formalize a 3 to 5 year strategic plan.

So we did it during a strategic session in December and we presented the results to the company last Thursday.

And finally, considering business expertise, the evaluation underlined the need to build a concrete framework to check and evaluate our suppliers. Consequently, our management team developed a system based on these feedbacks and we now have a powerful tool that should help us during negociations with suppliers.

What is your vision of the Inteliam evaluation ?

To be honest, it would be great that all suppliers go through this kind of process too. Because for distributors like us it would be easier to understand who is who and to select the right partners based on concrete elements that made sense for us.

As for distributors, I would say: you should try Inteliam. It’s really a professional team, everything works well and you should not be afraid (laugh) !