“Inteliam brings value to our industry by establishing the standard and driving for improvement”

Friday, January 27 2023 : 12:01

Few weeks ago, Zbeda Group undertook our Business and Sustainability rating.

Eyal Zbeda, Chairman Of The Board of Zbeda Group, accepted to share his vision of our solution and our partnership.


What initial observation motivated you in this evaluation process ?

The motivation to undertake the Inteliam Business and Sustainability evaluation is the result of few strong beliefs. 

First, we definitely consider that we have to learn on ESG and to better understand the requirement of operational excellence. Our objective ? To better structure our internal management systems.

And secondly, we are convinced that ZBEDA has to contribute to the set up of an IAM sector specific standard. It’s an important issue and we want to play an active role in it !


Inteliam evaluation : what does it actually consist of ?

It consists of an overall view of our company on 4 major pillars : sustainability, business expertise, corporate process and financial elements. The results of the evaluation give us an industry benchmark and help us to build a concrete improvement action plan.


How did you implement it ?

From the very beginning of the evaluation, we decided to nominate an ESG leader in the company – Liat Shuat Rotenberg. For us, having someone in charge of the whole process is part of the success of the global approach. Liat was coordinating the Inteliam rating as well as our internal implementation. In the end, it took us some time to coordinate internally and gather all the elements, but it was worth it.


What are the results / feedbacks from this approach ? And what are the next steps for ZBEDA ?

Thanks to the evaluation, we now have a clear idea of our current performance. But more than that, we have a precise vision on what we have to undertake in order to improve it ! 

As a result, we are already implementing the suggested actions and we are also planning to work on carbon emission reporting as well. 


Your vision of the partnership with Inteliam ?

Inteliam brings value to our industry by establishing the standard and driving for improvement. Moreover, their solution also helps strengthen our relationship with our business partners !