“The Inteliam assessment is an eye-opener”

Monday, March 6 2023 : 12:03

Few weeks ago, Apex of Gulf undertook our Business and Sustainability rating. Fadi de Jaroueh, General Manager of the company, accepted to share his vision of our solution and our partnership.


Why did you decide to undertake the Inteliam Business and Sustainability evaluation ?  


It all started with a strong belief : sustainability is an important concept that involves making responsible choices and taking action to preserve natural resources for future generations.  We wanted to integrate initiatives within our business to grow on this subject.

We knew that sustainability was a significant focus of the Inteliam solution and that motivated us to launch this initiative. Our goal was to understand where we stand and how to improve ourselves. It was very important to be supported by experts in this domain, as they can explain and show us the way to follow.

So how did you implement it ? How does the solution work concretely ?


The Inteliam questionnaire is broken down into several topics: processes, procedures, business expertise, sustainability, financials, and more. It was relatively simple for many areas where we already had the precise information, especially in relation to the procedures of our business. However, the questions regarding sustainability required more involvement and support from Inteliam to provide relevant answers. The Inteliam team was very supportive; we met several times, and they shared their ideas and advice for each question. We could feel their motivation, and this gave us the same motivation to finish the process.


And what about the results ?


This is the best part, the results ! To be honest, it was very satisfying for us to see the results and evaluate ourselves. The Inteliam assessment is an eye-opener : it provides a big picture of our company and emphasizes what we should do to improve. Once again, the support of the Inteliam team was key. When you get a result, it raises many questions. Why did we get this result ? How can we improve it ? Inteliam was here to explain and show us areas of improvement. Sometimes, these are really basic ideas that companies need to implement, such as putting specific signboards inside the company to raise awareness about saving energy and water.


What is your vision of the Inteliam partnership ?


 Very positive. Especially the idea behind the Inteliam solution: connecting suppliers and customers and see how responsible companies are in taking action towards the future generations. Inteliam had a very positive partnership approach; they were with us at each step of the process, and thanks to that, we can improve on a lot of areas.